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Ya no me quejo de Toncontin !!!

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Does Your Business Model Look to the Future or Just Defend the Present?

Established industries aren’t ripped apart overnight. That takes time, though when momentum builds, change happens fast. How can incumbents manage through the monumental changes currently under way? One answer is to take a cue from pivotal technology companies leading the change

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10 Habits of a Successful Hotel General Manager

While some qualities of a successful hotel GM may seem innate, such as: composure, patience, being a "people person," and leadership (to name a few); most hoteliers will tell you that a lot of blood, sweat and tears is involved to get to the top of the ladder.  So which best practices ultimately earn them the revered title?  We have lined up ten habits of a successful hotel General Manager: 1. Make decisions quickly Successful leaders are expert decision makers.  A General Manager's day is filled around the clock with meetings and exchanges with staff, guests, vendors, suppliers and new recruits, etc.  The goal of each meeting and encounter is to make decisions.   Successful hoteliers either empower their employees to reach a desirable outcome or they do it themselves.  They focus on “making things happen” at all times – encouraging progress and keeping their hotel above par.   2. Get out of the office Years of hands-on experience in the trenches have finally led to a nice…

10 Behaviors of Genuine People

They don’t seek attention. They don’t need constant reinforcement of their own ego. Where attention seekers have a hole that constantly needs to be filled, genuine people are already filled with self-confidence and self-awareness. They’re not concerned with being liked. The need to be liked is born of insecurity and narcissism. It creates a need to manipulate your own and other’s emotions. Confident and authentic people are simply themselves. If you like them, fine. If not, that’s fine, too. They can tell when others are full of it. Perhaps naïve folks can be easily fooled, but genuine people are not naïve. They’re grounded in reality and that gives them a baseline from which they can tell when things don’t add up. There’s a big difference.  They are comfortable in their own skin. In his late 70s, actor Leonard Nimoy said he was closer than ever to being as comfortable with himself as Spock appeared to be. Most of us struggle with that. As Henry David Thoreau observed, “The mass of men l…

Amazing Peace: A Christmas Poem

By Dr. Maya Angelou
Thunder rumbles in the mountain passesAnd lightning rattles the eaves of our houses.Flood waters await us in our avenues.
Snow falls upon snow, falls upon snow to avalancheOver unprotected villages.The sky slips low and grey and threatening.
We question ourselves.What have we done to so affront nature?We worry God.Are you there? Are you there really?Does the covenant you made with us still hold?
Into this climate of fear and apprehension, Christmas enters,Streaming lights of joy, ringing bells of hopeAnd singing carols of forgiveness high up in the bright air.The world is encouraged to come away from rancor,Come the way of friendship.
It is the Glad Season.Thunder ebbs to silence and lightning sleeps quietly in the corner.Flood waters recede into memory.Snow becomes a yielding cushion to aid usAs we make our way to higher ground.
Hope is born again in the faces of childrenIt rides on the shoulders of our aged as they walk into their sunsets.Hope spreads around the earth.…